the kryptyomic library

for symmetric stream and file encryption

the complete c++ source code :

the active principle explained here

The application below is an example of the ustilisation of the kryptyomic library.

Launch the application, select the file you want to encript and enter your password in the console window. The encrypted file will be suffixed ".kyc". The name of the file is encrypted inside the file itself, so the file can be renamed, just keep the extension kyc as an encryption indicator.

To decrypt your file. Launch the krytyomic application. Select the ".kyc" suffixed file and enter your password in the console window.

Neither the encryption or decryption will override an existing file; i.e. make sure that no file exists with the same name as the one you are trying to create.

Even if you use the same password and the same file, kryptyomic will not generate the same encryption.

Don't loose the password, my guess is that only brute force on the password side could get it back.

windows application: kryptyomicWin.exe

linux X11 application [needs Xaw]: kryptyomicLinux

freebsd application [needs Xaw3d]: kryptyomicBsd

mac ppc classic application: kryptyomicMacPPCclassic.sit

This mac classic application encrypt both the data and the ressource fork, the created file has no ressource fork and can be ftp as a binary without lost. On non mac systems only the data fork is restituted.