Guillaume Vareille's oim3d mesh viewer v0.60
texture, bumpmap, stereo, fog
opengl, glut, mui, tinyfiledialogs

3d input: obj, stl, dxf (3dface), tsb, tca
2d texturemap & bumpmap input: png, bmp

3d output: obj, 3ds, ma (maya), wrl, stl, dxf, tsb, c (compiler data)
2d texturemap & bumpmap output: png, bmp

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: this software is privateware, you don't have the right to use it.

(after download: you must replace _zip with .zip)

windows 7.1 x86
oim3dWin60_zip 900 kb

mac osx 10.10 x64
X11 required
600 kb

linux x86
freeglut, libpng and zlib required:

freebsd 10 x86
oim3dfreebsd47_zip 1000 kb

illumos openindiana 151a8 x86
oim3dindiana44_zip 600 kb

solaris 11 x86
oim3dsolaris40_zip 600 kb

older versions:

windows xp x86
oim3dwin32_zip 600 kb

mac os 9 powerpc
oim3dmacos29.sit 600 kb

and, simply, me, scanned, VRMLized: oim3d.wrl 50 kb

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